Enhance your results with the right software

All of our SPR instruments come with two software packages: data acquisition and kinetic evaluation.

Data acquisition

The data acquisition software contains all necessary tools to control the instrument. Automatic control is done through measurement sequences. Each SPR comes with standard, ready-to-use sequences – which is a list of commands used to automatically control the instrument. It is also possible to create new sequences or to modify the existing ones to your specific needs.

The autosampler control window is used to select and identify the sample positions on the microwell plate, to set the incubation times and to activate a specific sequence/experiment.

The binding curve plot window shows the sensorgram real-time. In case of the ESPRIT and the TWINGLE both channels, the cuvette temperature and differential data of the association, dissociation and regeneration phase of the experiment are shown.

The users can add markers to any data point on the plot so that comments on special events or specific areas of interest can be marked and logged into an event recorder for later use.

Electrochemistry and SPR
Combined electrochemistry and SPR measurements can be performed using the Autolab NOVA software, where the users can record the SPR signal as a second signal while performing an electrochemical measurement. ESPR can be used to study e.g. electropolymerization and modified electrode surfaces.

Kinetic evaluation

The measurement data collected by the data acquisition software can be analyzed using the kinetic evaluation software. The following parameters can be determined:
  1. Kinetic rate constants
  2. Affinity constants
  3. Thermodynamic parameters
These parameters can be calculated using the multiple curves measured with different concentrations. The actual curves can be fitted to different kinetic models. A wizard in the software assists in finding the right model and the proper initial parameters, and a residual plot is available to verify the fitted data against the measured curve
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