For the fundamentals

The SPRINGLE is our entry level single channel SPR instrument. Ideal for fundamental research and development, it provides high performance SPR measurements at a convenient price. The SPRINGLE comes standard with our electrochemical cuvette – designed for E-SPR measurements.


For diverse applications

The TWINGLE is the economical choice for dual channel SPR measurements. Designed for high quality, high accuracy results, the reference channel can be used to correct for experimental or matrix effects. The TWINGLE comes standard with a normal cuvette, and an electrochemical cuvette is optional.


For high throughput needs

The ESPRIT is designed for high throughput SPR experiments. Automation allows measurements to be reproduced, and the possibility to analyse up to 192 samples without user intervention. The double channel reference measurement can be used to correct for systematic experimental errors or modified surface matrix effects.

SPR Applications can include: